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26/09/2016 Adopting all strategic practices that will offer advantages in the operational processes of its customers and business partners, Mars Logistics, the leader logistics company of Turkey, has been awarded as the Authorized Consignor under the Authorized Economic Operator Status granted by the Ministry of Customs and Trade of the Republic of Turkey. Mars Logistics has officially received the AEO “Authorized Economic Operator” and “Authorized Consignor” certificates offering speed and ease of operations in the logistics processes by minimizing the procedures related with customs formalities and thus, allowing for economic development by further accelerating the international trade,. With the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate, Mars Logistics shall be entitled to consign the transit goods from its own premises without submitting them to the exit customs office and to exercise its right of priority pass through borders. In addition, it will be able to provide quicker services to its customers thanks to the advantage of processing on the green line, the line without inspection of goods and control of documents in importation and exportation, and in case of performance of such control of documents or inspection of goods, execution of such processes in a prioritised manner, and in case of performance of customs controls related with safety and security, prioritised performance of such controls. Stating that they will provide safer and quicker services in the international trade with their Authorized Economic Operator Certificate, the General Manager of Mars Logistics Ali Tulgar said; “As Mars Logistics, we have added another one to the advantages that we offer to our customers by increasing our service quality. With AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) Certificate, we will be offering both time and cost savings to our exporters. As an entity that always is the follower of innovations, we will continue to contribute, not only in our sector, but also in Turkish trade”.