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Mars Logistics, creating numerous differences in the sector by perfectly offering all integrated logistics services and offering innovations to its customers through constant growth, has announced the evaluation results for Social Satisfaction Survey 2015 that it has been conducting once a year for 10 years in order to measure its relationship with the public and to assess its perception in the society. 

Mars Logistics’ social satisfaction rate that has been gradually increasing has reached to 91% this year.

Mars Logistics, one of the leading logistics companies of Turkey, has been conducting a social satisfaction survey since 2005 with the awareness that measurement plays a crucial role in improving performance by thorough analysis of the expectations and requirements of existing customers with a customer-focused quality approach. As with every year, Mars Logistics has completed the measurement for 2015 with an unbiased result target; and various persons, entities, and institutions such as stakeholders, families of employees, press members, academicians, university students, NGOs, etc. from 16 different cities that are in contact with the company have participated in the Social Satisfaction survey. Out of the ten questions asked in the survey, nearly all of which were answered by the participants, the items “Mars Logistics is a company contributing in the development of the logistics industry.” and “Mars Logistics is a company contributing in the development of the national economy.” have received the highest scores with a satisfaction rate of 94%.

Mars Logistics continues its activities in order to improve the social potential by increasing the satisfaction level and to create unique, innovative and permanent values for the next generations by consolidating social perception.