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Creating numerous differences in the sector by perfectly offering all integrated logistics services, Mars Logistics has again led the way by becoming the first company in Turkey receiving FORS Certificate, an industrial accreditation program aiming at developing road transport as a safe and sustainable transportation model.

Mars Logistics, one of the leading logistics companies in Turkey, has become the first Turkish company receiving FORS (The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) Certificate aiming to develop the fleet operations across the United Kingdom and its surroundings and encouraging safe working conditions, statutory compliance and corporate social responsibility which will help the transportation companies operating in this region improve their performances and adopt the best practices. The FORS scheme is a voluntary scheme increasing the quality of life while supporting economic growth and environmental objectives as well.

Mars Logistics got prepared for this accreditation scheme held by only 5716 companies on the world by revising its vehicle maintenance activities, driver trainings, health and safety conditions, areas for improvement in the transportation operations, the statutory requirements that it is obliged to comply with, use of fuel and tyres, etc.; and a result of the evaluation, it was found worthy to receive FORS certificate. Offering the advantages such as improving road safety, reducing the incidence of fines and other charges, reducing fuel emissions and enhancing fuel efficiency, gaining a greater industry intelligence and networking opportunities, etc., FORS certificate is known as an accreditation which is open to operators of vans, lorries, mini-buses, coaches and other vehicles, and to the organisations that award contracts to those operators.

Stating that they were proud of becoming the first company to receive FORS Certificate in Turkey, Ali Tulgar, General Manager of Mars Logistics added the following:  “As Mars Logistics, we are accomplishing all strategic and technological practices that will offer advantages in the operational processes of our customers and business partners. We believe that having a strong team and infrastructure has played a key role in becoming the first company in Turkey to receive FORS Certificate. As a corporate company, we will continue to be a part of any kind of services and projects that will support our competitive nature in the forthcoming processes as well.”