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UGLY DUCKLINGAuthor: Grimm Brothers

A duck was hatching in the bushes waiting for eggs. She was tired of sitting alone over the eggs and she stood up with joy when the eggs started to crack.

"Now I can return to the farm and show my new family there!" she thought. She started counting her ducklings sang cheep. "Oh, no!" she said when she saw one of the eggs had not yet cracked.

Then a duck passing by, "There is still a large not cracked egg in the nest," she said. "I bet it is a turkey egg."

"It is a turkey egg, huh! That's my egg," said the mother duck sharply. Sighing she sat on the egg.

When the last big egg cracked, an ugly duckling appeared. When a mother duck saw this duckling she was ashamed of his ugliness a little.

"Fortunately, I have other beautiful ducklings," she thought, and now she wanted to go to the farm without losing time entered the water with her ducklings behind.

"That ugly swims well at least," said the mother duck herself. "Well, it is not a turkey, because turkeys cannot swim. Maybe will become more beautiful when grows up. After a while perhaps it stops growing."

Unfortunately, the opposite happened. Ugly Duckling grew bigger and differentiated more from other ducks. The animals around never keep in rest it, always mocked saying ‘Ugly Duckling’. Even siblings mocked on him saying ‘we wish a cat caught you and we get rid of you’. Chickens were chasing him, a girl was pushing him with her foot moving away from the bait.

Ugly Duckling could not stand all of this anymore. He jumped over the fence flying and left the farm behind and walked with no stop to the place where the wild ducks lived. But the wild ducks thought he was ugly as well and did not want to make a friend of him.

Ugly Duckling stayed there alone. Even small birds on the fence of tree branches escaped when saw him. "They are running away because I'm ugly," said to itself.

Ugly Duckling alone was roaming backwards and forward. Once he made friends of wild geese, but they left him when they saw a hunter. Also once the old woman took him home for a while, but the woman's chicken with the cat mocked "he loves water, and does not give egg. Is there a bird like that?" Then he escaped from there, could not stand it.

Then the seasons changed. The leaves on trees began to turn yellow and fade. One evening, when the sun set, bevy consisting of white-haired, big and beautiful birds flew from the bushes in front of Ugly Duckling. As they flew moving very elegant, long-necked birds they were.

"Wait for me!" called out Ugly Duckling, but the birds disappeared in the sky soon as they open the huge wings. Ugly Duckling began to spin like a windmill in the water from joy, then just could not help speed up, dived to the bottom of the water. Strange noises coming from his throat, even frightened himself. That he did not remove from his mind, white feathered birds. What kind of birds they were, he liked them very much.

Winter passed so long and hard. Ugly Duckling returned from dead several times. He was almost freezing on the ice once. Fortunately, a farmer passing by saw him and saved him. The winter ended and the spring came, Ugly Duckling discovered he could fly, not above the water, much higher in the sky.

One day while he was trying the strength of his wings, he saw many white feathered birds, he saw before, were swimming in the river. He did not even think for a moment, "I'm going down," he decided. "Even if I am ugly I will go near." So he landed on the river, on the water.

There were two children on the shore throwing bread crumbs to the white birds. "Mom, look!" they said to the mother immediately when they saw Ugly Duckling. "There's one more swan! This swan is more beautiful than others as well! "

Ugly Duckling did not understand what the children meant. White birds were looking at him turning back, he was ashamed and looked down. "If you want you can mock and call me Ugly Duckling. I do not care anymore!" he said to himself.

Then he raised his head and saw himself for the first on the water. He had a long neck, white, great feathers.

"Hello!" said other swans. "Welcome." Then all floated on the water towards him. Neither of them looking at him like any of the birds on the farm by teasing him. Necks bowed gracefully, "How beautiful," as if they were saying.

Ugly Duckling said "So I'm not Ugly Duckling. I am a swan!" he began flapping his wings joyfully.