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PUSS IN BOOTSAuthor: Charles Perrault

Once upon a time there was a poor miller who had three sons. When the miller died, the mill was left to the first son, a donkey to the second son and the cat to the youngest son. The son was very sad for this condition.

“What does a person do with a cat?” he wept. ‘You can’t even cook and eat cat.’ Hearing this, the cat said, “Master, you will see that you inherited not bad. Please give me an empty bag and a pair of boots, you will see what I can do.”

The boy was surprised and sat with mouth open, he did what cat asked. When the cat wore the boots he looked at the mirror and loved himself. Then selected a nice carrot and a fresh lettuce from the pantry and went to the forest. He opened the bag in the woods, put lettuce and carrots into the bag, he hid behind a tree. Soon a little rabbit took the smell of fresh vegetables came near the bag and jumped into. The cat appeared from hiding place and tightly tied the bag.

But the cat did not bring the rabbit to his master, brought to the castle instead, and said he wanted to see the king. When he came up to the king’s honor, he bowed ‘Your Majesty, I brought a present from my master Marki,’ he said. That present pleased the king very much.

Puss in Boots brought so many gifts to the castle in three months, the King started waiting for him after some time. Then finally the day came for which Puss in Boots look forward to. "Do not ask me why, and go and bathe in the river this morning," said to the owner. Puss in Boots knew that the King with the princess, with his daughter, would pass the edge of the river that morning.

That morning when the King’s coach were passing near the river side the Puss in Boots hastily approached. "Help! Help!" he shouted. "Sir Marki is drowning!" The king sent troops into the river.

But the Puss in Boots was working further. He said to the king that thieves stole the clothes of the master when he was swimming in the river. (However, Puss in Boots, hid the dress of the master himself behind the bushes!) The king sent a suit to Marki without delay. As you can imagine the master was surprised to be called Marki by Puss in Boots, but he was clever enough and didn’t make correction.

After Marki was dressed beautifully King invited him to the coach to ride to the place where was going to and introduced him to his daughter. Princess fell in love at a glance with Marki who had dressed well.

At that time Puss in Boots ran away from there. He had come across people who mow the grass in a large field. "Listen to me!" He shouted. "The king is coming in this direction. If he asks who owns these fields you will say that it belongs to sir Marki. Or I will slice you in small pieces!"

Then Puss in Boots ran again for a while and have come across men that mow wheat in the field. He said the same thing to them. Then he ran again and repeated the same thing to every person he came across. Then there was the giant's castle.

The king's coach was passing through the places where Puss in Boots passed before the king asked each man he came across, "Whose field is this?" he was asking. Every single time he got the same answer. King was surprised that Marki have so much land (the owner of the Puss in Boots surprised as well!).

At that time Puss in Boots was busily doing other things at Giant’s castle. "Giant," said Puss in Boots, trying to hide he was abhorred the disgusting smell of Giant’s breath. "They also say that you have a great magic power, is it right?"

"If they say so, it is right," said the Giant modestly.

"For example, they say can turn to a lion immediately if you want," said Puss in Boots. After telling that the Giant turned himself to a lion immediately. Puss in Boots just jumped hardly over the cupboard. When Giant turned to his old shape he climbed down from the cupboard. "Excellent!" said Puss in Boots. "But to return to something small like a mouse should be impossible for a giant fellow like you!"

"Is it impossible?" laughed Giant. "There is nothing I cannot do!" in a moment Giant has turned into mouse, Puss in Boots swallowed it immediately.

Then the king came to the castle of Giant. You've probably guessed that the castle now belongs to! Puss in Boots has met the King's carriage on the road to the castle. "Come this way," he said. "A feast awaits you." (Giant planned to give a feast to several friends that day a large table ready equipped was waiting for!")

At the end of the day the owner of Puss in Boots Marki engaged with the princess. They were married a week later. What happened to Puss in Boots? He lived in comfort his nine lives out of nine no need to hunt a mouse – but occasionally hunted, for not forgetting that he was a cat.