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BEAUTY AND THE BEASTAuthor: Madame de Beaumont

Once upon a time there was a rich merchant. He had three daughters, two of them were very selfish. But the third one, whose name was Beauty was good and full of love.

One day a merchant had a news that his ships were sank in a strong storm. Poor man lost everything and the small house in the village was remained only. Two greedy girls was not happy about this situation. They were laying on the bed and complaining. All house work was done by Beauty.

After some time a merchant heard that one of his lost ships came to the port. He wanted to learn if the news was true and set off for trip, he asked each of his three daughters what she would like as a present on his return. Two greedy sisters were very happy.

‘Dresses and jewelry’ they said they wanted.

‘And you Beauty?’ asked the merchant.

"A rose. It is enough for me!" said Beauty.

After several days the merchant was travelling back to home sadly. He was poor again, because the money from the last ship he gave to cheaters. He approached a forest in the evening twilight. The forest was dark and cold. Lightning was on sky, the wind blew snow from the ground. Wolves howling voices was coming from apart.

The merchant was wandering many hours with his horse on snow, getting in and out of snow, he noticed suddenly a beautiful chateau from windows of which bright lights were coming. But that was a strange chateau although there was a fire burning in the fireplace and all rooms were bright like a day, there was no one inside. The merchant shouted and shouted but no answer was given. At the end he understood there was no reason for waiting, he tied his horse to stable and entered house ate a ready food on long table in the hall. Then he slept in a bed.

When he waked up in the morning he found new clothes nearby. A good breakfast was waiting him the downstairs.

‘This chateau must belong to a good hearted fairy,’ thought a merchant.

‘If only I could thank him.’

When the merchant was leaving chateau, rose bush caught his eye. Remembering his promise to Beauty, he bent down to pick a rose. Instantly there was a terrible roar everywhere. Out of the rose garden, sprang a horrible beast. He was that horrible the merchant would faint.

"Ungrateful man! I gave you shelter! I give you food, give you clothes! But now you steal my favorite flowers. I shall put you to death for this slight!" roared the Beast.

The merchant fell on his knees before the Beast. "The rose wasn't for me; it was for my daughter Beauty, sir,” said the merchant.

‘I am not a sir, I am a beast’ snarled the beast. Then stood upon the merchant’s head.

"What concerns your dear daughters … I shall spare your life, but on one condition, that you bring me one of your daughters! If they don’t accept my offer you will die in three months".

The merchant turned home on his horse sadly from the sun lighted forest. Two selfish sisters were not impressed by a scary story told by their father. They were angry that a father did not bring them dress and jewelry. But Beauty did not do so.

"Dear father, allow me to go!" said with no hesitation.

‘Of course, you go,’ said sisters. ‘If you haven’t ask for a rose, the beast will not think to kill our father.’

After three months the merchant with Beauty went to chateau. Everything was the same as he had seen before there: no one in the house, the table was ready. When they finished the meal the beast came up. Beauty started to tremble, because Beast was very terrible as her father told, even much more terrible!

‘Did you come with your own will?’ asked the beast.

‘Yes,’ said Beauty.

‘Then your father will leave in the morning and will never come back.’

When morning started and father went Beauty was left alone. She cried at first, then she remembered a dream and was relaxed. In her dream a fairy told ‘Don’t worry, the braveness you showed to rescue your father’s life will be rewarded.’

‘May be I will get used to this life,’ she thought, and her joy came back. She was roaming in the garden and was sad when saw roses. Then she walked in the chateau. She was surprised seeing her name written on one of the doors. She opened the door and looked inside. The room was designed as she wanted, full with books, musical instruments.

‘If the breast trying to comfort me here he will not harm me,’ thought Beauty.

Then she took a book. On the book was written ‘Dear Queen, all your request are orders to me.’

‘I wish I would see my father now!’ said Beauty aloud. She saw his father’s face on the mirror at the corner of the room immediately. In that way Beauty’s loneliness and home sickness was passed for a while.

The beast came up to the supper that night. ‘Do you allow me to watch you, Beauty?’ he asked.

‘You are the owner of this place,’ said Beauty.

‘No,’ said the beast. ‘My chateau is in your order. If you want I go immediately.’ The beast startled for a moment. ‘But I want to ask something. Do you find me ugly?’

Beauty could not answer at first. Then she raised her head and looked at the beast. ‘I don’t want to say that, but I have to say the truth. Yes, I find you ugly,’ replied.

When Beauty finished her meal, the beast asked ‘Will you marry me?’

‘No, beast, never’ replied Beauty.

A sound released from a beast when he sighed echoed in all chateau.

Every evening at nine clock the beast came to Beauty to speak. Beauty realized that she got used to the beast day by day. Even she was wondering when he was late. ‘If only,’ she said, ‘he was not that much ugly! If only he didn’t offer me marrying every time!’ Because Beauty was afraid of that sound he released when she denied his offer.

The beast said one day ‘You may not love me but you promise you don’t leave me.’ All days were alike and three months passed.

That one day Beauty saw on the mirror her father was ill. She immediately told to the beast she wants to go home to look after her father.

‘You can go, Beauty’ said the beast. ‘But do you know that I will die of my sorrow if you don’t come back? I am afraid, you will want to stay with your father and don’t come back. But if you change your mind and want to come back, it is enough to put your ring on the small table near your bed. In the morning you will open your eyes in my chateau.’

‘I will come after one week I promise.’ said Beauty.

Next morning Beauty opened her eyes in her bed in father’s house. When father saw her he was very pleased, and felt himself better. The same day afternoon sisters who have married short time ago visit their father. When they see the only daughter of their father they were jealous and angry.

‘Listen!’ said one of the sisters. ‘We shall play a game to her. We should make her stay here one week more. In that case the beast will kill her.’ Instead of shouting and blaming, two sisters rubbed onion on their eyes and came in front of Beauty with tears on their eyes and said that they are crying because they don’t want her to leave. Beauty promised to stay one week more.

Not after so long Beauty realized she missed the beast as much as she missed her father. One day in her dream she saw the beast laying still and lifeless in his garden. When she woke up ‘What I am doing is the real cruelty’ she thought. She removed her ring and put on the table near the bed. She woke up in the beast’s chateau in the morning.

That day evening she waited for the beast. It was nine o’clock. The beast didn’t come. It was fifteen past nine o’clock, the beast was not there. She ran to the garden from the chateau suddenly. The beast was laying in the garden. ‘I am guilty for his death!’ thought Beauty. She hugged him immediately. The beast’s heart was beating!

‘I was thinking you would not come back. I didn’t drink and eat, I prepared for death,’ said the beast with a whispering voice.

‘But I love you, beast!’ said Beauty. ‘I want to marry with you.’

At this moment strange something occurred. Suddenly chateau became more beautiful, more shining. Beauty was looking around for a while, then again turned her head to the beast. But there was no beast. There was lying a young and handsome prince instead.

‘I want the beast,’ started crying Beauty. The prince stood up at this moment.

‘The beast is me,’ said. ‘A bad fairy did me a witching. She changed me into a beast who was very ugly. If you didn’t say me that you want to marry me, I would stay such for the rest of my life.’

The prince took Beauty to the chateau. Beauty saw her father and the fairy she saw in her dream in the chateau.

‘I got your reward for your braveness’ said a good fairy to Beauty.

The fairy wagged her magic wand. Suddenly everyone was in prince’s territory. People had met the prince with applauds and joy. Soon Beauty and the beast married. They were the happiest Prince and Princess in the world ever.