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HANSEL AND GRETELAuthor: Grimm Brothers

Once there were two siblings named Hansel and Gretel. Their mother died when they were babies. Their woodcutter father married again a few years after their mother died. Woodcutter's new wife came from a well-off family. She hated to stay in the bad house on the edge of the forest and live from hand to mouth. Moreover, she didn’t like the stepchildren at all.

Hansel and Gretel in a very cold winter night, preparing to sleep in bed, heard how their stepmother say to their father "we have very little to eat. If we don’t get rid of these children, we'll all die of hunger."

Fathers opposed shouting. "No need to argue," said the wife. "I've made my decision. Tomorrow we will leave them in the woods. "

"Do not worry," Hansel consoled his sister. "We will find a way to home." He went out in late hours that night and had a lot of pebbles filled in his pockets.

In the morning, the family began to walk towards the woods. As they walked Hansel threw pebbles from his pocket without notice to anyone, it has marked the way they passed. At midday stepmother with father lit a fire for them, and they say they would come back and disappeared in the woods. Of course, they did not come back.

Wolves were howling around them, Hansel and Gretel trembling, did not leave the fire till the moon appeared. Then they found a way to home just following the moonlight shining in pebbles.

Their father was very happy when he saw them. Stepmother acted as if she was very glad to see them, but in fact she did not change the decision. Three days later, she wanted to try again to get rid of them. At night, she locked the door of the children's room. This time she did not let Hansel to gather pebbles. But Hansel was a smart kid. In the morning when they were walking to the forest, he was leaving behind a trail of dry bread crumbs he kept in his pocket collected from the dinner.

The stepmother and father left the children at noon. When they saw they did not return, Hansel and Gretel waited for the moon patiently, it will light their way. But this time they could not find the trail they left behind. Because birds have devoured all the bread crumbs.

This time, children were really lost. Three days and three nights in the forest, they were roaming and trembling with fear. On the third day, they saw a snow white bird the on the branches of a tree. Bird was singing to them with its beautiful voice. They chased the bird forgetting their hunger. Bird brought them into a strange house. The walls of the house from bread, roof from pie and windows from pearl sugar.

Children forgot all the troubles and they ran toward the house. Hansel was going to eat a piece from roof and Gretel was going to eat from window they heard a voice from inside: "Who's eating my house, I wonder?" They look at the door there stood an old aunty. "My poor children," said the woman, "come in." They went inside and ate the food they never eat in all their lives. That night they slept in feather beds.

But everything changed in the morning. The old woman was a witch in fact, she made her house from bread and cake to trap the careless children. She lifted Hansel from the bed on the hair and locked him in a barn. Then she took Gretel trailing to the kitchen.

"Your brother is very thin," said with the shrill voice. "Cook him meals! Make him fat! As he gets fat he will be a dinner worthy of my mouth! But you will not eat anything! He will eat all dishes." Gretel cried, cried, but she did in desperate what a witch said.

Fortunately Hansel did not lost his mind. He decided to cheat the witch whose eyes were not seeing well. The witch controlled his finger every morning to see if Hansel got fat. Hansel extended a chicken bone instead of his finger. "Imperishable. Not fat enough!" the witch was shouting. Then she told Gretel to go to the kitchen and make food more.

It lasted a month. One day the witch’s patience was over. "Fat or thin, it doesn’t matter. I'm going to do Hansel pie today!" she cried to Gretel. "Look at the bakery see if dough is ready!" Although she lived in fear Gretel did not lose her mind as well as Hansel. She understand that witch would push her into the oven.

"I cannot get my head in the oven! I do not see the dough!" she whined. Witch pushed Gretel with her hand quickly aside and put her head in the oven. Gretel collected all the power and pushed aged witch into the oven, then she shut the door.

Hansel was liberated, but still they did not know how to go home. Again they plunged into the forest. After a time they came across the river. A duck swam with Hansel opposite ashore before and Gretel then. Children recognize the place immediately. They ran quickly toward the house.

Father was very happy when he saw them. He told that their cruel stepmother went to her family after they left them in the forest, he had tears of joy in his eyes. He told how he was unhappy for that he had done to them.

The father had the next surprise. Hansel from his pocket and Gretel from her apron took out gold and diamonds they found in witch's house. So that all the troubles of the family ended up. And they all lived happily together ever after.