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CINDERELLAAuthor: Charles Perrault

Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful girl. When her mother died her father married again. Stepmother came to house with two daughters from her first marriage.

This two girls did not like their new sister. They threw everything from her room to the roof. They made her do all the work around the house they did not treat her like a sister.

When all house work was done they did not allow a girl to sit with them. She was standing next to the furnace trying to get warm from the ashes burned out extending her hands upon them. That is why her stepsisters called her Cinderella.

One day, two sisters got an invitation for a ball at the castle. They turned mad by excitement. Everybody knew that prince wanted to marry. They thought ‘He may choose one of us, there is a chance!’

To sisters started to make themselves as much beautiful as they could. But unfortunately it was difficult, because both of them were ugly despite the Cinderella!

After stepsisters went to the ball Cinderella sat in the kitchen and was weeping in the evening. ‘What happened, why are you weeping, Cinderella?’ asked a woman voice.

 “I want to go to the ball too!” Cinderella cried.

‘Then you go’ a voice said. Cinderella turned to the voice and stood still in surprise.

A beautiful woman was standing near.

 “I’m your fairy godmother,’ a woman said.”We have no time to waste! Pick me a pumpkin now!"

Cinderella picked a pumpkin. When a fairy godmother touched it with magic wand, a pumpkin turned to golden coach abruptly.

‘Now six mice…’ Cinderella found and brought six mice, fairy godmother turned them to horses immediately.

‘One rat…’ It became a coachman.

‘And six lizards…’ They were all changed to footman, who stepped up behind the carriage.

Then it was Cinderella’s turn. When a fairy touched Cinderella’s torn clothes with her magic ward, the dress turned into breathtaking very beautiful gown, complete with a set of glass slippers shining on her feet.

 “But please remember one thing. You must leave before midnight. That’s when the magic will end, and you will be back in your old clothes, a carriage will become a pumpkin, the horses will become the mice. You don’t want the prince see it, I suppose? Now go, entertain as you wish.”

That night Cinderella was a star of the ball. The ladies participated ball (especially two stepsisters) was fond of her gown and asked about tailor’s name. All gentlemen were contest to have a dance with her.

And the prince fell in love at first sight! No one could dance with a girl after that.

Hours were chasing hours, minutes after minutes and Cinderella remembered that she had to be at home when time was near to midnight.

‘Don’t go!’ cried the prince after her, but Cinderella ran away from there. When she left to the street the dress turned into her old dress. From all she had was one of her glass slippers. She didn’t know where she lost the other slipper.

That night Cinderella cried until she fall asleep. She thought that her life will never be that much wonder as in the ball night.

But that was not true. One of slippers was found on the stairs of the castle. He made sure every girl in the kingdom tried on the glass slipper. ‘I can’t live if I don’t find the beautiful owner of this slipper.’ He said.

He came to Cinderella’s house. The stepsisters tried the glass slipper. It didn’t fit. Did not enter their feet even.

The prince was very sad, because there were only few houses left he did not visit yet. When he was about to leave he saw a housekeeper.

‘Lady,’ said the prince to Cinderella, ‘can you try?’

‘Will she try? What a relation!’ Her stepsisters laughed.

But the prince insisted. He mentioned how beautiful Cinderella was when he saw her. The slipper fitted Cinderella’s foot. When a prince offered a marriage to Cinderella stepsisters were in fury just watching. Cinderella accepted the prince’s offer.