Bizi takip edin



It was a day when everywhere was covered by snow. The queen was doing needle work behind the window of the castle and dreaming about. At that moment the queen pricked her finger and three drops of blood fell on the embroidery frame. As she looked at the blood she said to herself, "Oh, how I wish that I had a daughter that had skin as white as snow, cheeks as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony."

Soon after that, the kind queen got her wish when she gave birth to a baby girl who was as same as she dreamed. They named the baby princess Snow White, but sadly, the queen died some hours later after giving birth to Snow White.

One year later after, the king married a new woman who was beautiful, but as well proud and cruel, she couldn’t stand someone would be more beautiful than she. She owned a magic mirror, at which she would watch herself many hours and at the end ask,

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

Each time this question was asked, the mirror would give the same answer, "Thou, O Queen, art the fairest of all."

But when Snow White was fourteen years old, one day the mirror said:

You, my queen, are fair; it is true.

But Snow White is even fairer than you.

The Queen flew into a jealous rage, could not sleep or eat. She thought for many days ‘What to do? What do I have to do?’ Then ordered her huntsman to come to the castle before her.

‘Take Snow White into the woods to be killed. She demanded that the huntsman return with Snow White's heart and liver as proof.

The poor huntsman took Snow White into the forest, but when he saw Snow White crying he found himself unable to kill the girl. When Snow White was disappearing among the trees he thought ‘I could not do, but when the day gets darker a bear or a wolf would do what I could not do’.

A young wild boar come across to him on the road. He killed the animal there and brought the queen the heart and liver of a wild boar.

But Snow White was not eaten by a bear or a wolf as a huntsman thought. Just as evening was about to fall she saw a little house. She knocked the door, no one opened. She had courage to enter inside.

There was a little table with a tidy, white tablecloth and seven little plates. Against the wall there were seven little beds, all in a row. She waited, waited, but nobody came. Because she was so hungry Snow White ate a spoon of food from each little plate, she lay down on the seventh of the seven beds and fell fast asleep.

After some time, the owners of the house returned home. They were the seven dwarfs who mined for silver in the mountains

When they saw Snow White they cried. "This child is beautiful!"

The next morning Snow White woke up, and when she saw the seven dwarfs she was frightened. After short time she understood that they were friendly. The seven dwarfs asked her to keep house tidy for them and Snow White accepted immediately.

‘Good bye,’ said the dwarfs when they were going to work.

‘Don’t open the door to anyone. Your stepmother may want to kill you if she learns you are here.’

One day the queen stepped before her mirror. Just imagine her face when she got the answer from the mirror:

You, my queen, are fair; it is true.

But Snow White, beyond the mountains

With the seven dwarfs,

Is still a thousand times fairer than you.

As soon as the queen heard that she rolled the sleeves up. She dressed up like an old lady peddler and went to the mountains with a bag full of ribbons.

When she reached the house of the dwarfs she knocked the door saying ‘I have ribbons, awesome ribbons.’ Snow White looked from the window to see who had come, when she saw the ribbons she longed for them. She opened the door thinking ‘What can be bad in that!’

‘Did you like that my beauty?’ said the queen when she put ribbon round the neck of Snow White. Then she tightened the ribbon until Snow White fell down as dead.

That night seven dwarfs found Snow White in that condition. They cut the ribbon and Snow White returned to life. The princess was rescued from the queen the second time.

Next morning queen passed before the mirror. When she got the news that Snow White is still alive she changed her clothes and went to the mountains again.

‘I have combs, wonderful combs!’ she said in front of the dwarfs’ house. When Snow White saw the combs in old lady’s hands she forgot what happened to her. She opened the door.

‘You have beautiful hair, I will brush your hair’ said the queen. But the comb was poisoned, as soon as the comb touched her head Snow White laid as dead. That night seven dwarfs took the comb from Snow White’s head. That is how the princess was rescued from the queen the third time.

Next day the queen passed before the mirror, she got the news that Snow White is still alive. She was very angry, this time she made her most magic elixir and applied over the half of the apple. Then she disguised herself as an old beggar woman and traveled.

‘A sweet apple is a present for a beautiful girl,’ said the queen to the Snow White princess looking from the window. ‘I can give from the window, no need to open the door’

‘You don’t get it because it is bad you think?’ said the Queen, after she saw Snow White could not decide. Then she had a bite from the part which not poisoned and ‘Taste, it is wonderful!’ she said giving the apple as red as Snow White’s cheek.

Snow White barely had a bite in her mouth when she fell to the ground dead.

 The queen looked at Snow White inside from the window. ‘I have got rid of you at last, I am the most beautiful in the world’ she said. She went directly to the castle from there. Next day back at home she asked her mirror:

You, my queen, are fairest of all.

Then her cruel and jealous heart was at rest, as well as a cruel and jealous heart can be at rest.

This time no one from the dwarfs could awaken Snow White from the death sleep. Three days passed, they lost their hope. But she still looked as fresh as a living person. They cannot bury her in the black earth and they had a transparent glass coffin made, and placed the coffin on top of the highest hill.

Now it came to pass that a prince come to visit the dwarfs' house, where he saw the coffin with beautiful Snow White in it and fell in love at first sight.

Then the prince begged, "Let me have the coffin to my castle."

Seven dwarfs felt pity for him and gave him the coffin. The prince had his servants carry it away on their shoulders. But then it happened that one of them stumbled on some brush, and this dislodged from Snow White's throat the piece of poisoned apple that she had bitten off. Not long afterward she opened her eyes, she did not understand what happened, and she saw a handsome prince before her. She fell in love at first sight. They have engagement after some weeks.

And the wedding day came. Among the invited guests there were a stepmother of the Snow White. Not knowing that stepmother arrived at the wedding, but this time she can’t do anything. Because the people of the prince grabbed her, the evil queen was banished from the land forever by the prince. After that day Snow White was famous for not only beauty but also for happiness.