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SLEEPING BEAUTYAuthor: Grimm Brothers

Once upon a time the king and queen gave a party in honor of happiness for their newborn daughter. After the party the king told people around how he was happy that he was a father, because he and his wife were longing for a baby many years. Then he made all guests laugh when he told what happened to him when he learned to change baby’s napkin. After that there was a time to give the presents to the baby princess.

After all people gave their presents the turn came to the twelve fairies. ‘My present to the princess is a happiness,’ said the first fairy. The guests applaud with joy, the king was smiling happily.

‘My present is the beauty,’ said the second fairy. ‘Mine is mind,’ said the third. That is how all the eleven fairies gave their presents.

When the twelfth fairy was about to give her present, the castle was shuddered with thunder. Doors were opened one by one, very old woman came inside shuffling her legs. Everyone who saw her closed their eyes.

‘The thirteenth fairy!’ they shouted all together.

‘Don’t you have an invitation for me king?’ said the fairy with a terrifying voice from the door.

‘They forgot to send you one’ said the king with hem and haw. ‘Servants! Make a room on a table! Fast!’ King didn’t invite her in fact, because there were only twelve golden plates for the fairies. And he thought very carefully and he solved this problem with not inviting the one.

The thirteenth fairy went to the little princess’s bundle. The baby extended her hands to her saying “agu”. At that moment fairy said suddenly ‘My present to the princess is her death at her fifteenth birthday when a needle pricks her finger,’ with nasty hoot of laughter.

With a second thunder the bad fairy disappeared. The castle’s doors were closed with a rumble after her. A terrible silence was left. Then a queen started to cry.

Twelfth fairy stepped forward. ‘I didn’t give my present yet’ said with a mild voice. ‘I can’t destroy the bad magic, but I can change it. My present will be when a princess will prick her finger with a needle, she will not die but will fall asleep for one hundred years. That is the change.’

Years passed. Baby grew up healthy, beautiful, happy and smart young girl. The king and the queen forgot about the bad fairy. All the needles in the country were destroyed when the princess was a baby. The princess was in safe many years.

But at her fifteenth birthday the princess came across the new door which she hadn’t seen before. She opened the door and saw the stairs worm through going upstairs. When she went upstairs she saw a door with a gold key on it. When she opened the door she saw an old woman who was working with a wheeled something. ‘What are you doing there?’ asked the princess. The old woman smiled. ‘I am spinning,’ she said. ‘Don’t stand there looking. Come, try yourself, let’s.’ She gave the needle to the princess.

That time all happened. The spike of the needle pricked the finger of the princess, she immediately fell down. The hens outside in yard stopped clucking. The princess’s dog stopped chasing the cook’s cat. The king dropped the pen from his hand when he was writing the birthday invitation of his daughter. The furnace in the kitchen did not burn. All the castle fell asleep.

The years passed slowly. The castle was forgotten. But after about one hundred years passed a handsome prince was passing near the castle. He saw a place in the far covered with thorny bushes. His men told him a story they heard about the sleeping beauty in the enchanted castle. ‘What if it's true,' the prince thought and continued to ride his horse on the road covered with thorny bushes.

At first he could not find any way to pass through the bushes. The bushes were very thick and thorny as well, unable to climb up. It was impossible he saw, he drew his sword and began cutting bushes to open the way. Prince could not believe his eyes when he passed through the bushes. Everywhere filled with people and animals standing as a statue. He roamed in the castle. Even a single fly did not buzz in sunlit window. Anyone did not move, no one answered his questions.

Then there was a tower with a half open door. He entered inside, he saw the stairs worm through going upstairs. Prince saw something shining like a gold at the end of the stairs. He climbed up and found himself in front of the princess. "Sleeping Beauty," said with a whispering voice. Could not stand the beauty of the girl, he kissed her lips.

The princess opened her eyes after the prince kissed her. After she woke up the stove started burning again in the kitchen of the palace. King took pen dropped from his hand and continued to write the birthday invitation of his daughter in the working room. The hens started pecking of wheat grains on the ground.

The princess saw the prince in a room on the top floor of the tower. After one hundred years, a smile appeared on her lips for the first time. "Will you marry me?" the prince asked in a whisper. "Yes," said the princess, and kissed the prince. King made an enormous feast after he received this good news. The prince and princess married and lived in happiness a lifetime.