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It reduces its customers’ warehousing costs


Mars Logistics, the leading logistics company of Turkey,
has extended the term of its Milk Run Service that it started in 2015 for another 2 years. Having also started to execute the operations of two giant firms in this context,

Mars Logistics has been conducting 42 thousand trips in total per year

Having started to provide milk-run transportation model service to the automotive industry two years ago, Mars Logistics creates a cost advantage for its customers by reducing the warehouse stock loads while offering timely logistics services with scheduled trips. Having added two different companies from the automotive industry under the scope of this service that was started with Renault, Mars Logistics provides Milk Run transportation services particularly in the cities with high intensity of automotive sector like Bursa, İzmir, Istanbul, Ankara, Eskişehir, Kocaeli, Trakya, and Manisa with its fleet of nearly 1900 self-owned vehicles. The companies that Mars Logistics provide services to are considered among the companies making great contributions to automotive production in our country. According to the data from the Turkish Automotive Manufacturers Association, 23 percent of the automotive products produced in October have been produced by these companies.

Named after the milk distribution in the United States of Amerika and started to be implemented also in Turkey from 2000s, Milk Run Transportation model is based on the system under which the same or different cargoes are collected by a vehicle from various points within a specific schedule and delivered to one or more points and empty containers are collected during such deliveries or the reverse route is followed after completion of all deliveries and empty containers are collected and brought back.

Saving both time and costs

With its milk run transportation service, Mars Logistics allows its customers to reduce their costs by reducing their warehouse stock loads and by offering timely logistics services. It meets customers’ dispatch requirements thanks to the pre-planned routing system, and the capacities of the vehicles used for transportation are thus arranged in the most efficient manner. Providing saving of time and labour with an accurate and fast planning, Milk Run transportation system also turns the process into an efficient one.

With this transportation model, Mars Logistics also offers to its customers the advantages of avoidance of damages that may occur during loading or transportation, omission of the quality control process repeated at the manufacturer’s plant, cost reduction and acceleration of production.