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Application Deadline: January 31, 2019

Under the leadership of Mars Logistics, the Inter-University Logistics Case Contest, which has become a tradition for all university students with the opportunity to compete in teams, win awards with creative logistics solutions, is organized for the 16th time this year.

As it is one of the most important logistics centers in the world in terms of its geopolitical location, the logistics sector, where transportation, storage, distribution, customs clearance, packaging, insurance and other related activities are carried out in an integrated manner, needs more and more qualified human resources. The Logistics Case Contest, which provides the opportunity to closely know and analyze the logistics sector, which requires mastering many hardware such as logistics intelligence, teamwork and project management for 16 years, invites students to the competition. Within the Logistic Case Contest organized by Mars Logistics under the main sponsorship of LODER, teams compete in 3 groups which is composed 3 students. The solutions to be prepared by the teams on the given case; It is evaluated by the jury members determined by LODER and the students who are ranked as a result of this evaluation are given monetary prizes.

The deadline for the Logistic Case Contest is January 31, 2019, which provides university students with the opportunity to win awards by competing in teams with creative logistics solutions and gaining a wide perspective that will enable them to shape their careers in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

We invite all students planning to pursue a career in the logistics sector by filling the form at