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“100 Thousand Routes Set Up A Year!”

Turkey's leading logistics company Mars Logistics; with the milk run transportation model, which was launched at the end of 2015 as one of the logistics solutions specific to the needs of its customers, it provides services to the giant companies of the automotive sector and organizes 100 thousand routes a year. Mars Logistics became the market leader in the automotive sector by providing timely and advantageous logistics support to customers with this transportation model requiring high operational capability.

Mars Logistics has been providing full-time logistics services to customers since October 2015 by means of Milk Run transportation service, which operates with the system of delivering the cargoes within the framework of a certain program, with the system of returning empty containers by following the reverse route at the time of delivery or after all deliveries have been completed. Thats allows to have cost advantages. With a fleet of 2,154 units of self-propelled vehicles, Mars Logistics performs Milk Run transportation in cities such as Bursa, İzmir, Istanbul, Ankara and Manisa, where the automotive sector is dense, and today, it carries out regular and 24-hour transportations between 6 giant companies of the automotive sector. Mars Logistics meets the shipment needs of the customers thanks to the Milk Run transportation service and the system integration with the pre-planned routing system as well as the daily planning from the customer. Mars Logistics provides daily / monthly data with advanced software used in this transportation model, where it saves time and labor through accurate and fast planning, and improves efficiency by reporting the performance of individual vehicles.

Gökşin GÜNHAN, Mars Logistics Board Member Responsible for Road and Railway Transportation, indicating that they have grown 100% in turnover and transaction volume since 2015 with the milk run transportation service offered to the giants of the automotive sector: “As Mars Logistics, our expertise in international transportation has also showed itself. We have implemented the milk run transportation model when the giant of the automotive sector that we serve in international transportation trusts us and wants us to manage this transportation model for themselves. The growth we have achieved in the automotive industry, where even minutes are of great importance, shows that we are working with a team with high operational skills. By integrating our operational processes with the dynamics of our customers, we positioned our own team in our customers' factories to make our processes more effective. Technological investments are as decisive as the team. We develop special software according to customer demand. With these softwares, we offer our customers continuous follow-up and offer monthly, daily or even instant reports. We report to our customers the performance of individual vehicles and even report the timing between suppliers. We also share instant information with our customer's suppliers. At this point, we serve the giants of the automotive industry, and we are the leaders in this market. We will continue our milk run investments to further increase our market share”.

Mars Logistics, with its loading lines planned by the customer, organizes an average of 100 thousand routes per year, 24 hours a day, 6 days a week for each customer. Mars Logistics does also who demands their planning . With this transportation model that requires strong infrastructure, experience and high operational capability, Mars Logistics also offers its customers the advantages of preventing damage during loading or transportation, eliminating the re-quality control process at the manufacturer's facility, reducing costs and accelerating production.