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As Mars Logistics, we provide perfect service in road freight with our fleet of 2.650 self-owned trucks, all of which are suitable for transport by ADR. We prefer the brands that offer high standards for our fleet that we replace or add new trucks in line with our requirements.

As a leading, environment-friendly logistics company, we also maintain our mission in fleet selection and all our trucks are environment-friendly trucks that have Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines with low exhaust emissions.  

Our fleet that is suitable for modes of transportation that require different equipment such as Intermodal Transportation and Hanger Transportation is one of the youngest fleets in Turkey and its age average is 2.7 years.

Through a GPRS-GPS satellite tracking system installed in all our fleet, you can follow up the current progress of your cargo for 24 hours in 7 days online or by IOS and Android systems and view and download relevant documents. Through the satellite tracking system, we increase truck, driver and cargo safety and operational efficiency and enable to minimize the transit periods.  

We regularly provide our drivers with in-house trainings on professional matters such as Occupational Health and Safety, truck and cargo safety etc.

As Mars Logistics, we provide perfect logistics support just on time thanks to our flexible fleet management system, wide route alternatives and different modes of transportation. 

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