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I am proud of working for the best company in the logistics industry. Because it is a company making differences in logistics by targeting constant growth...

Işıl Işık
Corporate Communication Department

 Its strong image in the markets, the support and benefits that it provides for its employees allowing them to improve themselves, consideration of employees’ opinions and ideas, and the social benefits provided by it are quite important for employees. 

Begüm Sarp
Road & Rail Freight - Export Department
 I believe that it is the best with its top quality among the logistics companies and I love my job. Feeling always that I am supported and that my success is appreciated is another factor that makes me continue to work at Mars Logistics and love this company.

Ayşim Aygün
Road & Rail Freight - Export Department
 It is easy to establish a dialogue and get along with my department colleagues; and thanks to this solidarity, we are carrying out our works with higher quality and in a manner befitting Mars Logistics.

Yüksel Rezen
Road & Rail Freight - Import Department
 Communication and relationships of individuals working in my department are positively strong; and the company has a financial strength.

Hakan Şentürk
Corporate Development Department
 It has a quite dynamic and rapidly growing organization structure. It is a transparent and sharing company valuing ideas ... On the other hand, it appreciates the employees with definite goals that bear the accountability for their jobs.  Its position in the sector gives confidence...

Tuğba Özgür
Human Resources Department
 It is an innovative and leading company in its sector that moves forward by making difference against its competitors and showing constant growth. Its social benefits and working conditions are quite good. We are like a family with our workmates, and we are working as if we are running our own business. I am happy to work at Mars Logistics.

Çetin Kunduracı
Road & Rail Freight - Import Department
 When considered from a professional point of view, currently, working in one of the leading and gradually growing logistics companies of Turkey makes me happy. Morally, working for Mars makes me happy, because it is not a company with a very high circulation. We have been continuing to work in the same order with the same workmates for long years. And this gives peace and confidence. 

Duygu Özyurt
Road & Rail Freight - International Operations Department
 I love my job. I think that the company strengthens its employees due to its position within the sector. This positively affects my emotional motivation and my will to work. Morally, I feel that I am valued. I never worry about my salary and social benefits. The fact that corporate development and goals are in line with my personal development and career goals allows me to do my job more efficiently.  

Berkay Furtuna
Road & Rail Freight - Railway Department
 First of all, it takes serious steps and signs important agreements in order to achieve its vision to become a global logistics brand and I believe that it will reach this objective through gradually faster steps. Therefore, I am proud and happy to be a part of this company. Of course, amongst the career goals that I have set for myself within this process, I am targeting to reach to important positions under the structure of our company by developing my knowledge and skills in time. 

Latif Topraksever
Strategy&Business Development Department
 I love this company since it is a corporate and distinguished company, I love my job and can do it with the sense of responsibility, and my managers give importance to my opinions and support me.

Abbas Benzer
Finance Department
 It is an environmentally-friendly company that I am proud of working at, and a type of company most people in the sector would want to work for, attaching importance to corporate structuring, having in place and implementing its Vision and Mission, protecting our social rights, having a well-known and reliable image, gradually becoming a bigger brand, and paying attention to ethical rules.

Füsun Ballı
Air & Sea Cargo- Sales Department
 Working for Mars known in the sector with its reputation and integrity adds prestige and value both to me and to my position and it increases efficiency by enhancing compliance with the company’s win-win philosophy. The synergy created as such results in a natural success. 

Ozan Keskin
Information Techonology Department
 In line with a dynamic pace of business life, I have one of the best companies in the sector with a big environment and a system of common values and good people working for it.

Orhan Sincar
Road & Rail Freight - Disposition Department
 I have been working for this company for a long period and I see myself as a part of this company. I feel like we are a family with my colleagues working in this company for long years as I do.

Kerem Karaduman
Purchasing & Administration Department
 From the very first day that I have started to work at Mars Logistics, one of the top companies of the sector, it has demonstrated that its success is not a coincidence and the secret to this success is the importance attached by the company to the employee satisfaction. I am very happy to be a part of this big family coming out on top. 

Fatih Kaya
Yenibosna Logistics Operations Department
 I see myself as a part of Mars family; and I am proud of the constant growth and accomplishments of our company. As one of the people of Mars, I am happy to serve under this structure. 

Ali Çelik
Air & Sea Cargo- Bursa Branch