Career Opportunities For Young People In Logistics And Supply Chain Management

Jan 9 2020

The 2020 marathon started in the Inter-University Logistics Case Competition, organized for the 17th time this year in cooperation with Mars Logistics and LODER. The competition, in which students participate in teams, offers a career opportunity for creative logistics solutions. Last 31 January to apply for the award-winning contest.

Turkey's leading logistics company Mars Logistics and carried out in cooperation with the LODER and the 17th held this year in order to train qualified human resources in the logistics sector Interuniversity Logistics Case Competition continues to meet with young people. Young people show great interest in the Logistics Case Competition, which requires the ability to master many equipment such as logistics intelligence, teamwork, project management, and offers the opportunity to know and analyze the industry closely.

First prize 4500 TL

As part of the Logistics Case Competition, teams compete in 3 different categories in groups of 3. The solutions that the teams will offer on the given case; It will be evaluated by the jury members determined by LODER and the students who are placed in the top of this evaluation will be given a prize money. Applications will be made free of charge until the end of January 31, at and The finalists at the end of the two-stage competition process will be announced on May 18. The final stage of the competition will take place in June.