Mars Logistics Online Internship Program Completed

Nov 9 2021

Mars Logistics, one of Turkey's leading logistics companies, held its internship program online this year due to the pandemic. Students successfully completed the 40-day intensive training program and were entitled to receive their internship certificates.

Attaching great importance to education since the day it was founded, Mars Logistics offered online internship opportunities to students by moving the internship program to online platforms. 20 people were selected among the applications made to the online internship program, which attracted the great interest of the students. During the 40-day program, students were given training on a total of 32 topics such as Sales and Business Development in Logistics, Customer Experience, Integrated Management Systems, Domestic Operations, Customs Processes, Disposition, Fleet Planning.

Intensive training successfully completed

Nihal Kansu, Mars Logistics Human Resources Director, explained the online internship program that was completed recently: “Due to the pandemic, it was not possible for us to meet with our young friends last year. This year, we realized a first in our company and launched our online internship program. By receiving applications, we included eligible young friends in our program. 20 students took part in our online internship program, and students who received training on many topics related to logistics in an intense 40-day period, successfully completed their internship at the end of the program.

A student from the program joined the Mars Family

Stating that one of the intern students started working at Mars, Kansu said: “We care about the excitement of our young friends, their interest in our industry and their willingness to work in this field. Some of our proven friends who have done internships in our company so far started their business life on Mars. This is something we encounter almost every year. This year, a friend of ours, who was successful in his internship training, started to work in our Railway Operations department.”

“We attach great importance to education, we are working in this field”

Nihal Kansu said that: “As Mars Logistics, we have been attaching great importance to education, working in this field and supporting students since 1989, when we were established. With our social responsibility projects, which are an important part of our corporate structure, we produce and support projects in various fields, especially education, for a bright country. Some of our Smart Truck Smart Kids projects that we have been carrying out since 2017 with the volunteers of Mars Logistics and the Interuniversity Logistics Case Competition, which we have been holding for 18 years in cooperation with LODER. Apart from these projects, we often come together with our student friends at the events they organize.”