Mars Signature in Domestic Distribution

Mar 10 2023

Mars Logistics, one of the largest logistics companies in Turkey, which provides logistics services to the whole world with road, rail, air and sea transportation methods, continues to grow in domestic distribution as well as in the world.

Mars Logistics Domestic Distribution Channels, which provide crossdock service, home delivery, lowbed transportation, container transportation, milkrun operations, customer-specific dedicated vehicle, micro-distribution operations and customer-specific boutique services, are in total in Adana, Mersin, Antalya, Gebze, Eskişehir and Afyon. It provides dealer joint storage, home and dealer delivery services to its customers in an area of 64,000 square meters. It also offers regional warehouse management, storage, distribution and order tracking system.

Customers' needs are taken into account

Mars Logistics Domestic Distribution Channels Deputy General Manager Mahmut Yortaç stated that they shape their investments according to the demands and needs of their customers and said, “Last year, we implemented the partial transportation service in the Domestic Distribution Channels. We started to provide partial distribution services with 19 of our transfer centers located in Istanbul, Ankara, Mersin, Adana, Izmir, Antalya, Bursa, Eskişehir and Afyon, where the trade volume is intense. We take the products we buy in partial terms to our transfer centers and make deliveries to our customers with the line vehicles that move regularly from Istanbul every day. The entire operation, every stage of the process is operated by us. As in previous years, we will continue to expand our business volume by opening new warehouses and transfer centers in Turkey in line with the demands and needs of our customers.” said.

Yortaç stated that they work with more than 100 customers in sectors such as modular furniture, retail and construction market, automotive sub-industry, textile, white goods, electronics, FMCG, construction, packaging, heating systems, and that they organize 800 trips per day with 81 cities from 81 provinces. he did. Domestic Distribution Channels closed the year 2022 with 336% growth compared to last year.

Industry-specific transport, packaging and operation process

Stating that the most important point in domestic distribution is to receive the products from the customer on time and deliver them undamaged, Yortaç also underlined the importance of fast communication and being able to produce alternative solutions and said, “There are different transportation, packaging types and operation processes depending on the product to be transported to the sector. The most important point for our customers is to ensure the traceability of the product or vehicle, to receive it on time and to deliver it undamaged.” said.