Mars Logistics Continues Its Foreign Investments with France

Aug 13 2021

Mars Logistics continued its investments in Europe and opened its company in France. Mars Logistics, which established a company under its own name in Spain last year, continued its investments at home and abroad despite the pandemic this year and expanded its power internationally.

Mars Logistics, which has one of the newest and largest fleets in Turkey, established a company in France this year after the success of the company it founded in Spain last year.

Mars Logistics continues to expand in the most logistically important locations in Europe and continues to move its investments abroad with the French company it founded under its own name. Mars Logistics, which achieves sustainable growth with its investments both at home and abroad every year, plans to improve traffic between France and Turkey and open new lines between France and other countries. Mars Logistics closed 2020 with a turnover of approximately 2.3 billion ₺.

Safe transportation services from Turkey are now in France

Mars Logistics Chairman Garip Sahillioglu stated that: “As Mars Logistics, we make investments at home and abroad in line with needs and demands every year and work to improve and expand the service we provide to our customers. We plan to meet the need arising from the transportation and storage organizations of both our customers based in France and Turkish companies that export significantly to France with the company we have established in France and to offer our 32 years of experience to our customers in France. We will continue to offer the trust, speed, experience, logistics processes that we offer to our customers in Turkey and Spain and to carry out safe transportation services with Mars quality with Mars Logistics France, which we established in Paris and started operations as of August 1st."