Mars Logistics Continues Its Investments with Afyon

Sep 14 2021

Offering all logistics services flawlessly, Mars Logistics continued its sustainable growth and opened a new logistics center in Afyon that will serve on an area of 4,500 square meters.

Mars Logistics Domestic Distribution Operations Coordinator Mahmut Yortaç said the following about the new warehouse opened in Afyon: “We determine the needs of our customers and make investments to meet their demands. At the Afyon Logistics Center, which we have just launched, we will initially provide distribution and storage, handling, order preparation, seller stock management, distribution to sellers and product delivery to authorized services for our customers in the white goods sector. In the future, different sectors will also be in our portfolio.”

Easy online tracking for customers

Yortaç said that white goods will be distributed to customer sellers in Afyon, Isparta and Uşak provinces and districts, and seller stocks and orders will be managed by Mars Logistics.

Yortaç stated that there is an online portal made available to the sellers of the brands served, and that thanks to this portal, they facilitate the tracking and ordering processes, which are one of the most important points of the logistics industry, and explained the portal as follows: “Thanks to the portal we created for our customers, sellers will be able to see all their product stocks and the status of their orders, and report on the portal. In addition, sellers will be able to use the portal for their sales to consumers."

“We expect to close the year with 70% growth in our Domestic Distribution Channels operations.”

Yortaç said, “When our department was established as Domestic Distribution Channels in 2019, we set out with 2 employees and a single customer. Currently, our team has reached approximately 100 people and we organize approximately 400 trips a day for many of our customers working in sectors such as automotive supply industry, textile, white goods, FMCG, construction, DIY market. We closed the year 2020 with a growth rate of 197%. We expect to continue our work without slowing down and to close this year with a growth of 70%.”

Yortaç listed the services they provide to their customers as the Domestic Distribution Channels Department as follows: “We offer our customers complete and partial distribution, cross-dock, home delivery, lowbed transportation, container transportation, milk run operations, customer-specific dedicated vehicles and micro distribution services.”

New warehouse investments on the way

Stating that investments are made according to the needs of their customers, Yortaç said that they aim to open new warehouses in Antalya, Izmir and Trabzon in the near term according to customer demands.